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I swore I’d never blog, but I’ll make an exception if it will help you get some real information on starting your brand.

Do’s and Don’ts: Part I

Felt it would be helpful to share some do’s and don’ts on here, and there are probably a lot of them. We’ll get there, but today we’re starting here, with some more of the obvious but important points. Do Don’t

Great > Good Designers

Let’s cut right to the chase. You need a FASHION designer. You go to one of the many freelancing websites and see the multitudes of “designers” that say they will design your 10-garment clothing line for $1000! $2000! $500!!!! CAD sketches colored up and everything! Wow! W U T ? Nope. Sorry, that doesn’t compute,…

FW23 – Active Color Forecast

If you didn’t already know because you’re not yet following us on IG (@casualbrandcreative) we are now offering customized forecasting service, built around your needs as a brand. Today we are sharing a sneak peak into our first forecasting reveal – The IT colors to adopt in your active line for FW23. Hang out for…

Labeling Your Garment

One major piece of the garment-building production puzzle is labeling. Clients often forget this component, but it’s a necessary one. First, you need to know what type of label you want on your garment. The most popular and obvious are: Tagless, or heat transfer labels that are applied directly to the garmentWoven or Satin labels…


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Hi! I’m Lauren, owner of CBC. I created this little bloggy blog for fashion outsiders looking for some understanding. The goal here is to share some base knowledge that will help you get a better idea of the processes for all things relating to design, development, and production. I’m a girl mom, I love reading, and I love working. Pretty much sums me up ❤ Cheers friends.

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