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I swore I’d never blog, but I’ll make an exception if it will help you get some real information on starting your brand.

Sampling: Expectation vs. Reality

The sampling stage is one of the most exciting parts of building out your line. It’s when you’re finally able to see, touch, feel (and maybe even wear if it’s in your size!) a real garment that you’ve poured months of work and $$$ in to create. And then you get your first round of […]

Fashion in 2021

As we roll into a new year (being cautiously optimistic), I was curious to understand what sort of shifts were happening in the apparel market from the effect of COVID-19 (ugh, I know I hate to bring it up here, but hey – we gotta stay in the know!) Fashion entrepreneurs are constantly looking for […]

Now or Never

This year has been a fascinating one. In the beginning of the pandemic, I was quite sure that things would really slow down as far as my business was concerned. No one was looking for a designer, much less a production house, amidst a nation-wide pandemic, right? SO WRONG. I was so. Wrong. This year […]

A 15 Page Guide from Concept to Production

Hello, you. Glad you stopped by, because today I am sharing some free knowledge on the apparel design process from concept to shipped product. I normally reserve this on-boarding guide for new clients who don’t know anything about the industry, but I’ve had a lot of requests for more content like this, SO I bless […]


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Hi! I’m Lauren, owner of CBC. I created this little bloggy blog for fashion outsiders looking for some understanding. The goal here is to share some base knowledge that will help you get a better idea of the processes for all things relating to design, development, and production. I’m a girl mom, I love reading, and I love working. Pretty much sums me up ❤ Cheers friends.

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