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Basic Tech Pack

This basic tech pack template is a straight-forward, no BS answer to getting your design specs & ideas down on paper for your manufacturer.
It contains all of the pages and information you will need to provide your development team. I know this to be true because it’s what I use for my own clients.

This template includes:
A summary page (pictured here as a sample)
Sample spec page
A graded spec page
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Construction page
Artwork page
Packing page

1. We’ve set up the graded spec sheet to be based on size Medium. If you are using a different size as base, you will need to update the formula. If you need help with formulating, email 2. You can add as many extra sheets as you need 3. No Refunds on digital downloads 4. Excel format


A no-fuss, straight-forward, no BS croquis to turn your fashion illustrations into technical flats for your tech packs. This will help to keep your proportions accurate, and your design details clear come time to share with your manufacturer.

No refunds on digital purchases. If you need assistance, email