Where brands come to be born.

We’re your fashion start-up bestie & we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

What sets the Casual Brand Creative apart from other design studios or manufacturers? For starters, we’re not a crusty old agency with antiquated concepts and ideas about how you should build your fashion line. We take a modern, hands-on approach to partnering with you to ensure a strong relationship is built so that we deliver quality product that will speak to your brand ethos.


We offer general consulting services in half-hour blocks to answer any and all questions relating to the design, development, and production aspect of building a fashion line. Already an established brand and looking to make some changes? We can help there, too. We only offer virtual consults at this time.

Design & Concepting

Have design ideas but can’t get them down on paper? Have NO IDEA where to start but know you want to build your own line? We’ve got you. We utilize very popular trend forecasting services to ensure we deliver the most up-to date and trend-forward design advice related to your product category. Mood boards are our favorite, so ask us about those!

CAD Sketching

This is normally part of the design process, but we are here if you just need help with your sketching (bar napkins don’t hold up very long).


You’ll need fabrics, trims, and other findings in order to build your product. Luckily for you, we have strong relationships with wholesale fabric and trim vendors that can accommodate small (and large) order requirements.

Tech Packing

Every manufacturer will require you have a tech pack in order for them to make your clothing. A tech pack is a pattern-maker, sample-maker, and sewer’s Bible used to understand how to build your garment from start to finish.

Patterning & Sampling

Once you have your tech pack and materials (fabrics, trims, etc), we can draft a paper pattern to then create a sample of your garment.

Fit Sessions

We offer both virtual and in-person fit sessions to help correct any pattern changes that need to be made to your garment. Have a sample that’s just not fitting right and aren’t sure how to communicate the necessary changes to the pattern-maker? Give us a call. We do not provide fit models.


Whether you started your development journey with us or not, we are here to put your product into a production line. We offer the most competitive prices for the highest quality work, and we offer low to no minimums. Whether you need 1,000 units, 10 units, or a one-off custom piece, we’re here to fulfill whatever need arises.