Fit Consistency Matters

Ever wonder why you wear a size 6 in denim brand and a size 4 in others? A size small in some shirts and a medium in others? 

It’s all the donuts you’re eating while maintaining your yo-yo dieting techniques.

OMG KIDDING. Had to though.

It’s quite simple. Different brands use different human bodies to fit their base-size product. So, even if two different brands are using their base size medium model, those 2 bodies could vary. Giving you one brand offering a size M that fits differently than another brand’s M.

So, what about when the same brand is offering 2 of the same styles, and those same styles in size M seem to fit you differently? Well, there are a few factors that could contribute to that:

  • If they are a larger company, it’s possible that they use different fit models across their different category of product. For instance, they may have one model for their knit category, and another for their wovens.
  • It could simply be a manufacturing mistake. Manufacturers are people too- they’re not robots. When they are building garments, they have a certain tolerance range they are allowed to hit from their target measurements. So, if they are delivering the final product 1″ smaller in circumference in the waist of a pant, while it might be allowed by the buyer and approved to ship, it will be apparent to a return customer if the fit is different than their previously purchased pair.
  • Another reason could just be the inconsistency of the brand in their fitting habits. If they are using a new fit model every time they fit, their fitting is going to be inconsistent. In that same lane, brands should be fitting on models whose body types represent their target customer. For example, if you are gearing your brand to a middle-aged woman, you shouldn’t be fitting on an 18-year-old.

Inconsistent fit can really hurt your brand. If it’s all over the place, or never seems to stay the same, you will lose the trust of your customer. You should be able to re-purchase your favorite tee from your favorite brand and not worry that it won’t fit. No one likes to make online returns.

Stay cool. Stay consistent.